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Nuggets Numbers - the stats behind the greatness of Nikola Jokic

In this episode, Ryan talks about the experience at Pepsi Center, Denver’s back to back against Houston and Miami, and Nikola Jokic’s greatness this season.

Thanks to everyone for tuning into Nuggets Numbers this week! In this episode, I first decided to talk about the fan experience briefly after attending Pepsi Center and how the vibe around the team has completely changed in the city of Denver. Next, I dove into notes about Denver’s two games against Houston and Miami, explaining why the Houston loss wasn’t that bad and some concerns I have with Denver’s rotation going forward. Last, I dove into Nikola Jokic’s statistical profile and explained how he has improved this season, including his performance in the clutch this year.

1:00 - Fan Experience at Pepsi Center

6:00 - Notes on Houston Rockets

11:40 - Notes on Miami Heat

21:50 - Deep Dive into Nikola Jokic’s numbers