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Denver Nuggets Tweet of the Week: Isaiah Thomas tells fan dropping him in fantasy will be a regrettable move

Isaiah Thomas responded to a fan on twitter asking if he should drop him in fantasy basketball.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Atlanta Hawks Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets fans received some good news Friday in the form of a report by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Woj dropped the bomb that Isaiah Thomas, who has been out since last year after undergoing surgery on his hip, is aiming for a return in early February. However, before this was announced, a fan hit up Thomas on Twitter and wanted his advice: Should he drop him on fantasy or keep him on his team in hopes that he would return to the court soon?

Although Thomas gave permission for the fan to drop him from his fantasy team, he wanted him to know that it wouldn’t come without regrets. This was a very reassuring tweet for Nuggets fans, as it provided hope that Thomas would not only return to the court soon but also confirmed that Thomas is confident he will play well enough to be worthy of a spot on someone’s fantasy team. If IT can show flashes of the player he was in Boston, fans will surely be in a race to add him to their squad.

Now let the countdown begin!