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Rumor: Denver Nuggets new court may have been leaked by 2K Games

Ah 2018, where video games break scoops on the daily

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game Six Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Thanks to Reddit user u/thcharles, we may have the newest insight to the Denver Nuggets new court design. THcharles posted the following image over at the subreddit R/DenverNuggets which came from a screen capture from 2K Games.

First things first, the little blue circle with a triangle in it just outside the arc on the bottom of the court is NOT part of the court design (at least we’re pretty sure). That logo appears to be part of the gameplay itself. The rest of the details though should be part of the court design if this is in fact the court design. Again, this is just a screenshot, nothing official from the team itself.

Still, if this is the new design then it’s pretty solid in my opinion. The opaque “5280” lettering and pickaxe logo in the key are a nice touch. Because we can’t see the full sideline, I wonder if the 5280/300 numbering will be gone. We can see it appears that the name “Nuggets” is on at least one sideline *Note: Clearly it says “Mile High” and not Nuggets, kudos to Patrick Rasmussen for pointing it out. The striping follows the new color scheme the the key lined out in maroon and the rest of the court striping in blue. The center court logo appears to be the new primary Nuggets logo as well. There’s certainly no mistaking it now, the baby blue has been entirely stripped from the Nuggets color scheme.

Probably the biggest deletion from the previous court design is the opaque mountainscape and pickaxes that made dominated the court design over the past three years. Those seemed to be well received touches when they were unveiled so only time will tell if that design choice ends up being one the fans like. What say you Nuggets Nation?


What do you think of this possible new court design

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    It’s nice, better than before
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  • 21%
    It’s a court, I only watch the players on it
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  • 24%
    Should have just stuck with the same design but updated the colors
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    I hate this
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