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Full Court Press: T.J. McBride

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T.J. McBride of Mile High Sports joins me for episode three of FCP

T.J. McBride covers the Denver Nuggets for Mile High Sports as their lead writer and editor. He’s been on the Nuggets beat for almost four years now and has been on Twitter since the day he was born. He’s one of the very first people that I met when I moved to Denver over a year ago, and he played a large role in helping to get me credentialed. He was kind enough to sit down with me for episode three of Full Court Press.

We spoke for roughly a half hour on his first gig as a “writer”, our first time meeting each other—at a bar, of course—and that one time in Las Vegas when T.J. was supposed to break some pretty big news, but he was nowhere to be found.

Few people cover a team with as much passion and manic enthusiasm as my friend T.J. He’s an animal, and a psychopath, and I had a blast sitting down with him to record this. To listen to the conversation, check out the link below, and subscribe to our Denver Stiffs Podcast feed, part of the SB Nation network: