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Watch: Denver Nuggets postgame interviews following 103-88 win over Utah Jazz

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Postgame video from our YouTube page.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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Tonight, we got interviews from several players following the team’s 103-88 win over the Utah Jazz. The game brought the Nuggets to 8-1 on the season. After the game, the players in the Nuggets’ lockerroom were upbeat and excited. It feels like this team has some real momentum right now.

Michael Malone on an inspiring effort in the 4th quarter

Malik Beasley on his growing confidence

Paul Millsap on the energy form the 2nd unit

Nikola Jokic on asking coach to close the game with the bench

Gary Harris on how fun it has become to play in front of a rowdy crowd

Mason Plumlee on his first career three-pointer