Nikola Jokic conducted his exit interview today and spoke about his plans to return to Serbia, a potential stint with the national team, and the 2018-19 season as a whole.

He also spoke about motivation for this season and what motivates him personally.

Jokic took the Game 7 playoff loss hard, shouldering much of the blame for missing a critical free throw and some shots he felt he should make. Nuggets fans of course know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jokic dominated during the regular season and elevated his game in the postseason, becoming the first player to average 25 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 assists per game during a playoff run since Oscar Robertson.

As Jokic continues to grow as a player and leader in the Nuggets locker room, these moments of learning (Game 82 versus Minnesota in 2018, Game 7 versus Portland on Sunday) will play a key role in his development. He turned into a superstar during the 2019 playoffs, staking his claim as the best player in the playoffs early and often. The season did not finish the way Jokic or Nuggets fans surely wanted, but the progress that was made and the moments Jokic had should help all parties rest easy. There will be time to get better and work on his game, but for Jokic, these playoffs were a job well done and to be celebrated.

Watch Nikola’s exit interview here:

In terms of best moments on the year, how can I pick just one or two? His 43 point performance in Game 6 against San Antonio comes to mind. 43 points on efficient shooting, 12 rebounds, and nine assists in a close out game on the road was very impressive, and while the shooting and general performances around him in the playoffs wavered, Jokic never did.