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Watch: Denver Stiffs exclusive one-on-one interview with Nikola Jokic

Joker explains why he already hates Paul Millsap

Chad Andrus and Nikola Jokic

Chad Andrus sat down with Nikola Jokic for an exclusive one-on-one interview to talk about his offseason workouts, his tighty-whitey “professor,” and the blowback he received from his countrymen after deciding to take this summer off from playing for the Serbian national team. Jokic is such an interesting guy. He’s always so light-hearted and playful in these types of interviews yet can flip the switch and go remarkably introspective.

Here he goes in-depth with Andrus about why he decided to take the summer off and what it was like receiving hate mail (and even death threats) from his own countrymen. He also talks about his relationship with Paul Millsap and shares why he already hates him.