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Pickaxe Podcast: Kyrie Irving not getting traded? Plus, farewell to Steve Hess

So...should the Nuggets call Cleveland?

The Pickaxe is back again! This week we get into the news that Kyrie Irving may not be traded and whether or not the Denver Nuggets should try to re-ignite trade talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Next we get into Steve Hess moving into a consulting role and how fair is it to criticize the training staff for injuries (spoiler alert: it isn’t). Finally, we continue breaking down a player a week, this time we dive into Gary Harris and how much higher his ceiling can go.

Kyrie Irving traded?

  • Quick thoughts on the trade
  • If it gets cancelled should Nuggets get back in discussion?

Steve Hess moving on

  • How shocked are you
  • How important is it to have continuity in the strength and conditioning role
  • Is it fair to point to the training staff when a team goes through a rash of injuries


Gary Harris

  • what was the biggest thing Gary needs to improve
  • is his ceiling an elite 3 and D guy or can he be more?
  • how much do the nuggets improve if Gary becomes a borderline all star?