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Pickaxe Podcast: Denver Nuggets odds and ends and LeBron James’ greatness

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We go four deep this week as Zach, Dan, Kayla and Adam go over the happenings of the week

Draft Lottery

  • Best reason why the Denver Nuggets should win the lottery
  • If they did win, who would you want them to take
  • If they stay at 13 what do you want them to do?

Nuggets Odds and ends

  • Excited about the idea of a new practice facility
  • How important is it to get a d-league team?
  • Malik Beasley gets his jersey retired. Anyone from your high school ever have their jersey retired?


NBA Playoffs

  • Favorite series of 2nd rd
  • Which team has the best chance to upset the cavs or warriors (The Monstars)
  • Is the lack of parity hurting the NBA

Do we recognize how great LeBron James is?

  • “They’ve got LeBron James,” Lowry told The Vertical late Friday night. “Nobody’s closing the gap on him. I mean, that’s it right there: They’ve got LeBron James and nobody’s closing the gap on him. I don’t know when his prime is going to stop. I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. I think he’ll be able to continue what he’s doing for a long time. But that’s basketball. You’ve got to find a way to beat the best.”
  • LEBRON JAMES last 10 playoff games (10-0):
  • 41-16-7, 41-8-11, 27-11-11, 36-6-13, 25-10-7, 41-13-12, 33-10-4, 35-10-4, 39-6-4, 35-8-7
  • 34.9 PPG, 9.8 RPG, 8.0 APG, 54.4 FG%, 46.3 3P%, 63.7 TS%
  • Could Nikola Jokic be 80 percent of that some day?