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Highlights: Malik Beasley scores a career-high 17 points against the Thunder

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Highlights of Malik Beasley

Denver Nuggets v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

It was really great getting a look at Malik Beasley’s game. These last two games have almost been like opening a new present. He’s been on the team all year but we only got short glimpses of him in garbage time or special ocassions. He was clearly too good for the D-league, but we really couldn’t tell what type of player he was.

Tonight we got to see exactly what type of player he is: a pure scorer. Beasley has a great looking shot and a great feel for putting the ball in the basket. Just 24 hours after putting up a career-high against the Dallas Mavericks, Beasley put up a new career-high in Oklahoma City. This guy can score and he looks like he has the talent to stick in this league for awhile.

One of the questions of this off-season will be can the Nuggets open up a roster spot for him to slide into the rotation? Currently, Gary Harris is clearly the starting shooting guard and Jamal Murray is clearly the backup shooting guard as well as a rotational point guard. Will Barton is naturally a shoting guard even though he can play small forward in a pinch. That leaves Beasley fourth on the depth chart and unlikely to break in to serious minutes unless one of those players are traded.

Whatever happens, I sure hope we get more Beasley in 2017-18. He is fun to watch and easy to root for. Check out the highlights!


What caliber player will Malik Beasley be in his prime?

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