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The upside and the downside of the Denver Nuggets making the playoffs, with Matt Moore and Christopher Dempsey

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Locked On Nuggets podcast

In this very special edition of the Locked On Nuggets podcast, I am joined by two heavy hitters in Nuggets and NBA coverage, Christopher Dempsey of Altitude TV, and Matt Moore of CBS Sports. The three of us share our notes on the Nuggets loss to the Wizards. We then look at a few big picture issues with the Nuggets roster. And lastly, we debate whether it a good thing or bad thing if the Nuggets make the playoffs.

On the surface, that question seems absurd. Of course it is a good thing to make the playoffs! But Matt Moore brings up some interesting risks with a young team acheiving success too soon in their rebuild process and how making the playoffs could alter the course of this team’s development. It’s a great conversation with a lot of great insights into the Nuggets present and future.

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