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New from Denver Stiffs: t-shirts on sale featuring “Magic Jokic”

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Buy our new “Magic Jokic” t-shirt

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SB Nation has a partnership with breaking t t-shirt designs and will be providing new t-shirts periodically that profit both the designers and us here at Denver Stiffs. For our inaugural launch, the team’s designers have put together this dope “Magic Jokic” shirt. #MagicJokic has been one of the cooler nicknames/twitter memes for Jokic since his smooth passing is akin to none other than Magic Johnson. Don’t agree? We’ll don’t take my word for it, NBA Hall of Famer and 80’s legend Isaiah Thomas said the exact same thing on an Altitude TV telecast when the Nuggets were in London to play the Pacers.

There’s not nearly enough Jokic gear out there and the Jokic bandwagon is relatively new so this is a chance to grab one of the first unique Jokic tees out there. This might even become a vintage collectors item in 10 years when Jokic has solidified himself as the greatest player in the history of basketball. Okay, that last bit was an exaggeration.

Anyway, order this shirt now and have proof for your grand kids about how you were among the first passengers on the Jokic hype train. Wear it with pride around the city and represent the Nuggets, Jokic, and the Denver Stiffs.