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Denver Nuggets new Nike “City Edition” jerseys leaked

The fourth jersey has been revealed...mostly.

Conrad Burry,

The Denver Nuggets fans have been awaiting the release of the fourth and final jersey the Nuggets will be wearing this year as part of the new Nike jersey rebrand, and some news came out today regarding the uniform.

According to Conrad Burry of in his newest article about Nike NBA city edition mockups, the “City Edition” of the Denver Nuggets uniforms will look something like this.

Conrad Burry, Sports Logos

Through information that Burry has accumulated from sources regarding the new jerseys, he has mocked up what he believes to be the final design of the Nuggets “City” Uniform.

Information on Denver’s uniform has been difficult to find, and the product isn’t final. Burry is mocking up the uniforms with various confidence levels. According to the image, the uniform colors are guaranteed to be navy and gold, while the logos and stylistic choices are closer to 90% guaranteed. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what the side of the jersey will look like, but the basic concept seems to be accurate.

The jersey to design is very clean, if not a little conservative, but it’s nice to see a bold use of the pickaxe design. The Nuggets are truly moving back to navy this year after going away from the darker blue for awhile. Some fans wanted a skyline uniform as the final design, while some fans wanted a powder blue throwback. Denver is doubling down on navy though in what I think is the best design so far.

Here are some of the other designs that Burry has estimated based on his information.

Boston Celtics

Conrad Burry, Sports Logos

Golden State Warriors

Conrad Burry, Sports Logos

Orlando Magic

Conrad Burry, Sports Logos

Let us know what you think of the new City jerseys, and follow Denver Stiffs for confirmation on the uniforms and when they will be worn throughout the year.


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