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Pickaxe Pundits: Wrapping up the week of Denver Nuggets games and is Emmanuel Mudiay for real?

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Zach, Jeremy and Mike want to believe in Mudiay

Zach Mikash, Mike Olson and Jeremy Poley are talking about a big week of Denver Nuggets games, including the tough loss to the Golden State Warriors and the statement win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Next the guys get into Emmanuel Mudiay, whether or not the Nuggets would have been better off trading him for Eric Bledsoe and just how much can we believe this string of good play. Finally the guys discuss Saturday’s opponent, the Orlando Magic and how they compare to Denver.

Recapping the week’s games

  • How much should we read into the loss to the Warriors
  • What was the most impressive part of Jokic’s 41 pts?
  • Was the Thunder win a statement game?


Emmanuel Mudiay

  • Glad he didn’t get traded for Bledsoe?
  • What’s been the biggest difference about Mudiay this year?
  • At what point do you consider putting him back in the starting lineup?

Orlando Magic

  • do you believe in the Magic?

How similar are Orlando and Denve