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Denver Nuggets jersey rebrand idea

A fan submitted idea for new color scheme, logo, and jersey design

Every few months, someone online will come up with a new idea for a Denver Nuggets rebrand. This is probably because the Nuggets are in despeate need of a complete overhaul of their jerseys and logos. Today, over on the Denver Nuggets subreddit, user Pepman33 submitted this idea for a jersey rebrand idea. The new design is a play on the old 90’s color scheme and the modern re-imagining of the 80s skyline logo.

Personally, this is my favorite pairing. Those old school skyline jerseys are classics and have even been called the best NBA jerseys of all time. Meanwhile, the maroon, gold, and navy color scheme feels like Colorado to me. The powder blue was adopted during the Kiki Vandeweghe era, in part as an homage to his alma matter, the UCLA Bruins. But while that powder looks nice enough, it never felt like it fit as a representation of Denver or Colorado. The royal blue and gold color matches the flag while the navy blue, red, and gold also match the flag and provide a nice, three-palette color mix.