It seems a bit early to be doing NBA season preview podcasts already but if you look at your calendar, we are less than a month away from media day. So here we are, ready to kick-off preview season with an hour-long chat with Mike Prada and Ben Epstein of The two host the Limited Upside podcast and are two of the main guys over at the mothership site. Fun story, Prada was one of the first NBA bloggers I first started reading religiously.

The three of us chat about a really wide variety of Nuggets topics including our outlook for the season, the rotation, trades that almost happened, and many other topics about this season. We also talk about best Nuggets teams ever and what three guys I’d have join me on a banana boat ride. Then lastly we make predictions for the upcoming season. How many games will Denver win? What’s the best and worst case scenario?

This was a lot of fun to record so give it a listen.

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