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CSG What's Happening: Danilo Gallinari loves Denver, and Michael Malone talks to Matt Moore

In the Latest CSG Video we talk Gallo and Denver, Michael Malone podcast with Matt Moore and a great charity organize by Tim and Negah Connelly.

Oh look! Another CSG What's Happening.

This week we talk about Danilo Gallinari's press conference revelation that he had the opportunity to be traded at the deadline last season and he "refused". Gallo went on to say he wants to win something in Denver with the Nuggets. Aside from it being nice to hear as a Denver resident ... if we have been paying attention, Gallo has been saying the same thing consistently since his second year with the Nuggets.

On to the second subject. Our friend Matt Moore from spoke to Michael Malone at Summer League this past July and wrote a very detailed article AND recorded a podcast at the same time. You can find the article and podcast right here. I talk about the article and really, be sure and listen to the podcast that comes with it. Essential for every Nuggets fan.

I wrap up the video talking about the Ping Pong tournament/charity event to support Bags of Fun. Great cause. Check out my article on the event on the Stiffs homepage and if you're in town I strongly encourage you to come and contribute to a great cause with a great, fun evening.

Oh and a brief mention of the Broncos at the end because apparently people talk about that sort of thing.