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The Pickaxe Podcast: Denver Nuggets Media Day

This week's podcast is a breakdown of all noteworthy news and observations from today's Denver Nuggets media day.

In this week's episode of the Pickaxe Podcast, Zach Mikash and I break down our observations from the Nuggets Media Day. We go through every Nuggets player that we interviewed and shared specific takeaways and observations. Check it out and be sure to subscribe on iTunes HERE.

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3:00 - Big takeaways

7:30 - Malone's cryptic comments about the starting PF

12:15 - Potential D-league team? In...Omaha?

17:45 - Mutombo's jersey retirement

20:00 - No media availability for Nurkic or Faried

21:30 - Jameer is not a guidance counselor

25:15 - Juancho, not Juan

27:00 - Malik and Mike Miller

29:15 - Jamal Murray and the Three Amigos

31:15 - Jokic's deal with the media

34:00 - Gallo has never seen Juancho play

35:45 - The outgoing and social, Mudiay

38:00 - Gary Harris is fit

39:45 - Barton is going to sleep early

41:45 - Wilson is back!

44:15 - Darrell's injury might be serious?

47:00 - Storylines for week 1 of camp