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New CSG Video: Henry Ellenson interview

Today, CSG Podcast's Jeff Morton talks to Henry Ellenson from the University of Marquette. How does he see himself fitting into the NBA? What did he take away from his time at Marquette?

Henry Ellenson came to Pepsi Center on Thursday, June 9th to workout with the Denver Nuggets. The 6'11" big man from Marquette came in with some significant hype leading up to the NBA Draft on June 23rd.

Ellenson projects as a power forward. In a league that is currently obsessed with the concept of "stretch 4" it seems that the big man from Marquette could fit that bill for multiple teams in the league. I asked him if he sees himself as a stretch 4 coming in, and if he game translates to that on the floor.

One surprising note is Ellenson's favorite NBA Player is Carmelo Anthony. Since Ellenson is significantly bigger than the former Nuggets star, I asked what it was he liked about Melo's game and why he was his favorite player. In hall honesty Ellenson is the very first player in the 4 years I've been attending Nuggets workouts that has expressed that Carmelo is their favorite player. Interesting to note.

Enjoy the video!