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The Pickaxe Podcast: Winners and losers of the NBA lottery

In this week's episode of The Pickaxe Podcast, Adam is joined by Stiffs writers Daniel Lewis and Gordon Gross to discuss the NBA lottery results, potential draft day trades, and the conference finals. The trio also discuss the Carmelo Anthony trade which officially came to a close.

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In this week's episode of The Pickaxe Podcast presented by Denver Stiffs, Adam is joined by Denver Stiffs writers Daniel Lewis and Gordon Gross to discuss the Nuggets failed fortunes in the NBA lottery. The team looks at potential trade ideas, figure out who are the winners and losers of the draft, and speculate who might end up in Denver. They also put the final stamp on the Carmelo Anthony trade and discuss thoughts on the conference finals.

1:00 - Initial reactions to the lottery

4:00 - Who won the draft? Who lost it?

8:00 - Is there any chance the Lakers make a draft day trade?

12:30 - Draft day trade ideas

16:30 - Potential Nuggets picks at 7

21:30 - Who won the Melo trade?

29:00 - Thoughts on the Eastern Conference Finals

34:00 - Thoughts on the Western Conference Finals

38:00 - Should Jusuf Nurkic try to model his game after Steven Adams?

43:00 - Billy Donovan, Michael Malone, and coaching in the regular season vs. the playoffs

46:00 - How likely is it that over the next five seasons, the Nuggets reach the level of play that OKC, GSW, and CLE is at right now?

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