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Denver Nuggets rebrand idea with uniform and logo mockups

Our friends at reddit have put together a cool idea for a Nuggets rebrand. Check out the jersey, logo, and more and let us know what you think.

Our friends over on reddit have been discussing rebranding the Denver Nuggets for the last couple of weeks. It's become en vogue to talk about moving on from the powder blue theme that was the hallmark of the Carmelo Anthony era. That Melo era will officially come to a close next Tuesday when the last piece of the Melo trade, a pick swap with the Knicks, finally gets handed over.

Among the many ideas that Nuggets fans have discussed, both here on the Stiffs and over at reddit, is going back to the royal blue, gold, and red color scheme that matches our state flag. The Nuggets have used royal blue and gold in the past and have used navy blue, gold, and red in the past but a full on rebrand around the colors of the flag seems like a perfect match.

This morning, reddit user u/teensonacid (his actual screen name, not a joke) put together this very well done mockup of a design for new logos, jerseys, font, and more.

The Royal blue on the main jersey really pops! The color scheme and design don't look like any other team which is great. The Nuggets and Warriors have had similar color schemes in the past but this seems like a nice departure from anything the Warriors are doing. I'm not sure that I am a fan of the stripes on the sides but there is probably something similar that could be done along the sides. All in all this is a cool mockup and a lot of fun. Hopefully the powder blue era will either come to a close or get a facelift before too long. Until then, keep sending in designs!

Check out the full gallery HERE and check out the post on r/denvernuggets. And let us know what you think in the comments!