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Denver Nuggets Tweet of the Week: Steve Hess

Gary Harris and Strength and Conditioning coach Steve Hess had some fun on Twitter this week when Hess made a joke about Harris having a new signature shoe.

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Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Hess earned his first Tweet of the Week a couple weeks ago by tweeting a motivational message to his followers. He earns the honor for a second consecutive time this week, but for something a little more lighthearted. On Thursday, he tweeted out a picture of a red shoe with Animal's face plastered on the side, to go along with this caption:

Gary Harris responded with this:

(Editor's note: Thanks to Tim Francis for the correction, pointing out that that muppet is Animal, not Elmo. Clearly, I don't know my Muppets)

In case you were disappointed that Harris did not actually just get a new signature shoe, need not worry.  Emmanuel Mudiay confirmed on Twitter that Under Armour just released his new shoes, available for purchase now. You can check those out here. They look a little more legit than Harris'.

All in all, this was a shoe-themed week on Twitter for the Nuggets.