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Set of the week: "End of Half Fist Down"

The set of the week is a weekly series that diagrams and explains one of the best Denver Nuggets offensive plays, sets, or actions. This week's set is called "End of Half Fist Down".

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

This week's set of the week we are going to take a look at an end of half set that the Denver Nuggets ran for Gary Harris. This is a common set that several teams have run throughout the season, both in the NBA and NCAA. The Golden State Warriors run this set all the time for Steph or Klay to get a score late in quarters and games, as well as the Dallas Mavericks for Dirk Nowitzki.


Here we take a look at how the Nuggets ran this set for Gary Harris and how it was perfect against the Nets:

The set begins with Gary Harris screening down for Nurkic, the same ram action we looked at in last week set to free up the big to "Arrive Alone" before setting the ballscreen.


After Gary Harris screens down, in this iteration of the set, Brook Lopez decides he wants to switch onto Gary Harris which makes this set run flawlessly.


After this switch, Lopez hangs in the lane and allows Faried to easily screen for Harris to be open for a shot.


Look for Malone to continue to run this at the end of quarters and halves, as well as employ some counters as well.