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Denver Nuggets Tweet of the Week: Danilo Gallinari enjoys some team bonding

It looks like the Denver Nuggets enjoyed some free time together this week on the road.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Road trips have got to be grueling for NBA players. Long stretches of time apart from family, sleeping in a strange bed, and the constant travel has got to take a toll on the minds and bodies of everybody involved. Perhaps the best thing about these trips, however, is the fact that it allows the players to take part in some team bonding. The Denver Nuggets probably saw this trip as a good opportunity to become even closer after three straight losses at home. They seem to have taken advantage of this opportunity, as Danilo Gallinari sent out this tweet on Sunday.

Aside from attending this holiday-themed movie, the Nuggets also had what sounds like a gourmet meal in Philadelphia at the house of Jameer Nelson’s mom. Unfortunately, while it appears this team is all-in on these team bonding events, it has not had the desired effect on the court. They are currently 1-3 on the road trip so far and can only hope they win their next two games to at least break even. Still, team bonding events like this are crucial for a young squad. It can really deepen relationships off the court that may in turn strengthen the chemistry on the court. It can go a long way in helping a young and growing team mature into a close-knit unit that is capable of overachieving. Or, in the case of the Nuggets, it’s at least a fun time with your teammates away from basketball. Either way...