So here is the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto, Canada.

40 years ago, the “All-Star” game was played in Denver. It was the ABA All-Star game. What is unique about this All-Star game was the format and halftime entertainment that went along with this game. Pioneered by Denver Nuggets president and general manager Carl Scheer, the ABA Slam Dunk contest made its debut at the final ABA All Star game in 1976. It would change the landscape of the NBA All Star Game … and 8 years later in 1984, again in Denver, the NBA Slam Dunk contest would debut.

Meanwhile the Nuggets have struggled to get players in to the All Star game despite stellar seasons. Even Carmelo Anthony had to wait 4 years before being voted into the game. It's just the way of life in Denver.

Below is the 1976 ABA All Star Game second half. It was played in a Nuggets vs ABA All-Stars format. Enjoy

Also this is Kobe Bryant's last All-Star Game