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The greatest block in Nuggets history?

Late night scrolling through YouTube can lead to some amazing discoveries. Like these memories from 1994 an 1996.

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I met LaPhonso Ellis last year at the Denver Nuggets 20th Anniversary celebration of the 1994 playoff team. My memory of Phonz was that he was genuinely an amazing human being while he was playing in Denver. That was confirmed to me as he and I spoke for about 20 minutes there talking about the 1994 Nuggets and their playoff run. Phonz seemed surprised that they were honored in such a way, was truly humble, and told some amazing stories about that playoff team.

You couldn't wipe the smile from my face.

My love of Phonz the player notwithstanding, a late-night browse through YouTube brought me this soul-crushing block from the fabled 1994 season that Phonz did to a poor Minnesota Timberwolves player. I mean ...

Phonz was one of those freakishly athletic players who could explode to the rim and had a knack for just being a hard working player in general. Take this moment at the end of this game against the Bulls. At 1:34.00 ...

Phonz sees Michael Jordan one on one with Byant Stith and double teams at the exact moment Jordan is attempting to turn around for a jumper that would have cut the Nuggets lead to 2. Phonz blocks the ball into oblivion and helps preserve the Nuggets victory over the 72 win 1996 Chicago Bulls (breaking the Bulls 18 game winning streak. Our own Nate Timmons was in attendance). What makes this even more remarkable is Phonz was coming off that devastating ACL injury in 1994 and was starting to regain his form.

Anyway ... it's amazing what you remember. More Nuggets memories the better.