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CSG Video: Gary Harris at mini-camp

Gary Harris shows off some shooting and talks about greater maturity and learning lessons from his first season in the NBA. Also, a little snippet at the end featuring another Nuggets player

Denver Nuggets guard Gary Harris is the focus of today's pre Summer League Mini Camp episode of Colorado Sports Guys videos. We see his shooting, and see how he does in drills. One of the biggest issues Harris had last year was his shooting which was, quite frankly, awful. While he has proven himself to be a very good defensive two guard (despite being a bit undersized) his shooting kept him on the bench. Earning the trust of new head coach Michael Malone will be key to Harris's future with the Nuggets.

Additionally, stay tuned to the very end of the video to see a welcome sight, Nuggets center Jusuf Nurkic putting up some shots at the end of practice. Since going through surgery in May, we haven't seen much basketball related activity from Nurkic while he rehabs. While it was nothing more than stationary shots, it was good to see him get up some shots on the practice court.

Enjoy the video.