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Denver Nuggets Set of the Week: "AI Rip"

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The set of the week is a weekly series that diagrams and explains one of the best Denver Nuggets offensive plays, sets, or actions. This week's set is called AI Rip.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Watching film on the Nuggets over the last few weeks a new set and action has caught my eye, the Iverson cut. The Iverson cut (or AI cut as I abbreviate it) is a cut in which a guard cuts over two bigs from elbow to elbow.


The Denver Nuggets have used this action to get easy layups in this week's set of the week, AI Rip. Breaking down why I chose to name this set AI Rip is pretty easy, AI=Iverson Cut and Rip=Backscreen.

This set is extremely common in the NCAA and in the NBA in previous years, but was run for a lot of scores in the NCAA last year:

The set begins with a both bigs at the elbows and a guard cutting under emptying out the paint and the guard they are looking to get a score utilizing the Iverson Cut.


After the guard clears, the big opens up and looks to pass to him continuing off of the backscreen on the opposite elbow.


This set has resulted in easy scores, which is the goal of an offense built around a young team looking for ways to find success.