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Denver Nuggets Set of the Week: "Rice (BS Continuity Counter)"

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The set of the week is a weekly series that diagrams and explains one of the best Denver Nuggets offensive plays, sets, or actions. This week's action is the Denver Nuggets counter to their Ballscreen Continuity, "Rice."

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we looked at how the Denver Nuggets are running their ballscreen continuity and the options out of it. This week we will look at a screen-the-screener counter out of the same ballscreen motion that will make sure the defense will always be guessing what is coming next.

The set starts out the exact same as the Nuggets Ballscreen Continuity, with a wing ballscreen and the point guard attacks off of it. The pass goes to the trailing big at the top of the key, and 4 man rolls to the rim.

Rice Initial

On the pass to 5, the first wing (in this case 3) will still cut backdoor like the normal action in ballscreen continuity. However in this action, as 2 fills in behind, 3 will set a cross screen for 4 who will look to score quickly off of it, or post up. After 5 receives the ball, instead of the dribble hand off to 2, he will reverse the ball with a pass. This is to ensure he can be in the correct position to set the down screen.


After 3 has screened across for 4, he will then come off a down screen from 5 looking for a shot. Since the initial look for 4 in the post will be covered either by 3's man or 4's man being in good help position, the down screen option is the one that will be open majority of the time.

Rice 1

I hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown, I really like what Malone has done lately on Offense and I look forward to sharing the sets I am passionate about with you guys!