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Denver Nuggets Set of the Week: "Upscreen Ballscreen"

The set of the week is a weekly series that diagrams and explains one of the best Denver Nuggets offensive plays, sets, or actions. This week's set is called "Upscreen Ballscreen"

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This week we are going to look at a good set that the Denver Nuggets have been running for Emmanuel Mudiay to attack out of the pick & roll. Designed to have action and an option for a post up, the Upscreen into a Ballscreen is a common action that very good NBA teams run. The Clippers, Suns, Cavs have all ran this action over the last few years with success and to see the Nuggets run this is very encouraging.

Starting off with a pass to the wing, Mudiay will then cut inside and set an "Upscreen" or Rub/Brush screen for the 4 man who will cut off it into the post. With this player being JJ Hickson or Danilo Gallinari this allows the Nuggets to keep the defense guessing on how this set will be executed on the back end of the play.


After Mudiay screens for the big, he will then cut up toward the top of the key and staying lane line extended. The opposite big will then sprint up into a ballscreen for Mudiay to attack off of.


The key to this action is for Mudiay to stay "Lane Line Extended" or along the imaginary line from the elbow to half court. This enables him to attack easier off of the ballscreen from the 5 man and spacing the floor is key with this Nuggets team.

Lane Line

I really enjoyed this weeks set, and I hope you did too. If the Nuggets allow Mudiay to operate in easy but effective sets like this for the Pick & Roll, his improvement will be quicker and with his vision it will allow for easier scoring opportunities as well.