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Denver Nuggets Tweet of the Week: New Locker Room

The Denver Nuggets' twitter account gets the Tweet of the Week, which will now be posted every Saturday. This week's award is given for a tweet that previews the team's renovated locker room, and the pics are AWESOME.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
The Tweet of the Week is a weekly post in which one tweet from a Denver Nuggets player or staff member will be highlighted every Saturday. The tweet will be picked either for its humor, inspiration or simply for being a good representation of what's going on with the Nuggets that week.

On Thursday, the official Denver Nuggets twitter account tweeted out a couple of pictures of the newly renovated locker room for the Nuggets, earning the Tweet of the Week.

Words almost can't describe how cool these pics are. It seems like Joffrey Lauvergne had a similar problem.

I honestly don't know what I like best about these pics. It may be the ceiling, made up of a few circles within circles, each one getting a little smaller and ending in the brightly colored, yellow, Nuggets pickaxe logo. The circles are lined with tints of what looks like a neon blue that seem to give the whole room a very cool feel. All of it looks down on the newly installed hardwood floor, another nice touch.

Or, my favorite part could be the rectangular shaped photos of the players that line the hallway to the locker room. I think this is a great gift to the team, to be able to capture each player by placing them on the wall. They seem to be a tribute to each of them for sticking with the organization during the hard times, and the first of many rewards for doing so.

It's awesome to see the team put in so much money and effort into giving the players this renovation. As Jameer Nelson pointed out during an interview, the organization promised a new and improved locker room, and that's exactly what the team received. Efforts like this shouldn't be ignored.

Overall, I'm really digging these changes by the franchise. Good job by the Nuggets' twitter account of giving us the pics to look at, too, and earning its first Tweet of the Week award.