The 2015 NBA Draft Lottery is here!

Will the Denver Nuggets do what they have NEVER done and leap into the top three in the draft? Will they hold position? Will they do what they have done SEVEN times in the past and go backward? Who knows. This is the beauty and curse of the NBA Draft Lottery. It can be both your savior and your devil. It can lift you up or drag you down.

The Nuggets are owed some good karma by the NBA basketball gods. At some point fortune will smile upon the Nuggets and gift them the transformative player that they have been seeking for so long. Is now that time?

Good vibes folks. Meanwhile Nate TImmons, Andrew Feinstein and most of our writers (along with myself) will be at Jakes Food and Spirits for an NBA Draft Lottery party. Will the Nuggets break through the other side and finally have fortune smile on them

6:30 tonight will tell us.