Even while the Denver Nuggets were still playing their 30-52 regular season, fans were anxious to find out what would happen tonight in the NBA draft lottery. Well, the results are in and the Nuggets will be selecting 7th overall in the June 25th NBA draft.

Denver didn't get lucky and move up, but they also didn't move down (which would have been horrific). The Knicks wound up moving out of the Top 3 and have the 4th pick … which could be available?

The funny question with that Knicks pick? Would the Nuggets be okay making the Knicks "better" by trading current players for that pick, even though it could ruin Denver's chances of landing another lottery pick from the Knicks next season? We'll see how active the Nuggets are in this draft, as far as trade discussions go.

The results for the lottery are as follows:

14.) Thunder

13.) Suns

12.) Jazz

11.) Pacers

10.) Heat

9.) Hornets

8.) Pistons

7.) Nuggets

6.) Kings

5.) Magic

4.) Knicks

3.) 76ers

2.) Lakers

1.) Timberwolves

We finally have the clarity needed to know what the Nuggets realistic options are in the draft. The waiting is now over, but the real game now begins. The Nuggets will be bringing prospects to Denver for workouts and interviews, those should be starting somewhat soon. The team is already very familiar with the prospects that will be available when they pick, but we'll what kind of other moves the team will make ahead of the draft.

Draft Express has their team related mock up and Justise Winslow is falling to Denver on that list. Will the Nuggets try to get another pick in the first round? What pieces will they need to trade to get there, and who will they target?

May 19th has been an important date for Nuggets Nation, and the first part of the team's offseason puzzle is now in place.