It's never too early to start making your Christmas Wish List. Thanks to Uni Watch's Paul Lukas, we have a sneak peek at the NBA's 2015-16 Christmas uniforms. The Nuggets have a uniform in this hunt, but we don't know if they'll have a game on Dec. 25th – when select teams will wear these uniforms, apparently.

Take a look at the uniforms right here.


Here are some other Nuggets recent Christmas designs. This one from 2014 was never worn:

This content is no longer available.

This one from 2013 was also not worn:

This content is no longer available.

And from 2012, the Nuggets did wear these:

This content is no longer available.

And uniform expert Chris Creamer had this Tweet about some changes to the Nuggets' uniforms for the 2015-16 season for their regular home and away uniforms:

In addition to the home and road uniforms, Creamer also has the Nuggets making changes to their Alternate 2 uniform and for their Pride uniforms. You can read about those by clicking here, as there are explanations and rules about how often teams can wear alternate uniforms and how they are allowed to be designed.