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Gallo: Ready to return, has some words for Steadman Clinic

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Danilo Gallinari tells La Gazzetta Dello Sport that he is ready to return to action this NBA season. Also, he has some words for the Steadman Clinic.

Danilo Gallinari says he is physically ready for this season
Danilo Gallinari says he is physically ready for this season
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Danilo Gallinari spoke to the Italian publication La Gazzetta Dello Sport that he feels he is physically ready to return to the NBA. Here is a link to the translation in English, courtesy of Sportando.

"I feel great. I am ready to return seven months after my last knee surgery. I had a few contact practices in Milan. Now I have to re-gain confidence and be ready. I will need to be patient because after more than a year without basketball you have to work also on the mental aspect. But I want to be a better player than before the injury"

Gallo also had words for the Steadman Clinic, where he had his first knee procedure back in 2013

"Steadman? It is clear that if I could go back, I would not go to Steadman Clinic. I will write a book on my last year and half with some things never told. But it is better not to talk about that. I just say that one month after my surgery, Steadman said that he would not work anymore."

Interesting stuff from Gallo. Read more at the linked article above. Gallo also talks about his long-term plans for after his career and the Italian National team. Interesting stuff.