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Report: Mike Miller visiting the Nuggets this week

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The Nuggets are involved in their first free agent rumor of the off season.

Mike Miller
Mike Miller
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies small forward Mike Miller is reported to be visiting the Nuggets today and tomorrow, according to Memphis radio station 92.9 ESPN. Here is a short excerpt:

As he waits out free agency, Grizzlies' free agent Mike Miller will visit the Denver Nuggets Sunday and Monday, a source told 92.9 FM ESPN Saturday morning. 

Oklahoma City, Houston, and Portland are also interested in the veteran shooter's services. 

Denver does have a mid-level exception available, though using it would likely put the Nuggets into the luxury tax.

It is doubtful that the Nuggets would go into luxury tax territory for Mike Miller on a mid-level exception, so if the Nuggets are interested there would presumably be corresponding salary clearance. It is said that Miller's personal preferance is to remain in Memphis, but they are at a contract impasse so there's likely more to play out.

What does this mean for the Nuggets. Clearly they are still looking for veterans and more shooting. What would this mean for Quincy Miller? Many questions remain to be answered.