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Woj: Nuggets still in running for Kevin Love?

In a bit of a shocker, a report has come out indicating the Nuggets have put forth a "strong" package for Kevin Love.

Kenneth Faried and Kevin Love
Kenneth Faried and Kevin Love
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

In an eye popping article on Yahoo Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a WojBomb on the Denver populace in the form of the revelation that your Denver Nuggets had put forth a "strong" package for Minnesota Timberwolves player Kevin Love in a trade. Here is the quote:

The Denver Nuggets have remained a strong contender for Love, offering a package that sources said has been the most appealing to Minnesota outside of the Cavaliers and a possible Golden State deal including Klay Thompson. So far, the Warriors have kept Thompson out of their offer to Minnesota.

Strong contender eh?

What Woj didn't say was what that particular package was. Was it the speculated Wilson Chandler / Kenneth Faried package from a month ago? Or is it something stronger? At any rate, with the Cavaliers potentially offering rookie Andrew Wiggins in a package of their own ... it makes the Nuggets still a remote possibility to land the disgruntled forward. We shall see though right?

What are your thoughts Stiffs?