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Stein: Miller "halts" talks with Nuggets

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In something that could been seen as completely predictable, Mike Miller seems to be looking to team up with LeBron James again

Mike Miller and Lebron James
Mike Miller and Lebron James
Mike Ehrmann

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the free agent forward Mike Miller has put a "halt" to talks with the Nuggets to pursue the prospect of playing with LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers

We could all see this coming from a mile away. While it was unclear whether Miller himself was a fit on this Nuggets roster, it's clear that the prospect of playing once again with the best player on the planet on his new/old team was too much for Miller to pass up. We wish him well.

It was always sketchy that the Nuggets would willingly go into the luxury tax for Mike Miller, and any move for Miller was likely to be accompanied by some bigger roster moves. Now the Nuggets likely won't have to worry about making those decisions.