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Nate Robinson makes the cut, Wilson Chandler somehow left off

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You could make a lot of tattoo lists about NBA players and one thing is for sure ... a lot of current and ex-Nuggets are in these conversations.

I ran across the embedded video of the "Craziest NBA Tattoos" with Rachel DeMita. The title says "craziest" and DeMita say "most" ... so a bit confusing as to how one makes her list (especially when you consider the space left on DeAndre Jordan versus a lot of other players).

But nonetheless, her list of five players includes a current Nuggets player, Nate Robinson, and two former Nuggets in Chris Andersen (of the Miami Heat) and J.R. Smith (of the New York Knicks). It's preposterous that another Nuggets player didn't make this list. How can you not include Wilson Chandler in the top 5 or, at least, in the honorable mention? A disgrace! (ha) Tattooed

If you were putting together a list of "craziest" NBA tattoos, who makes your cut and why?

And if you have yet to see Robinson on Jimmy Kimmel's show, well ... you're in luck as we have the video of that right here: