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Reign On: Denver Stiffs NCAA Tournament Challenge

Time to test your college hoops knowledge or luck!

Jamie Squire

I'm watching Pardon the Interruption and I realized I had yet to fill out an NCAA bracket. Why not set up a Denver Stiffs group and give away an awesome prize to whoever wins the whole thing?

We'll have prizes for first, second and third place. So, be sure to fill out a bracket and let the games begin! You'll need the group name the and group password. Any issues just email me at and we'll get you hooked up.

The link to the group site: click here, group name is: Denver Stiffs Yo.

Password for the group: DenverNuggets

The group is setup to lock once the games begin, so get it going! I have a bracket in there already, but Denver Stiffs writers are not eligible to win so in the event I finish with the most points, the next person up will be a winner. I'm just playing for fun and my bracket typically falls apart after the first day anyways.

Best of luck! And what better way to have additional fun than by getting together with us on Saturday, March 22nd to watch the games and talk smack to one another?!



Nuggets GM Tim Connelly is going to join his fellow Stiffs to watch the NCAA Tournament at Jake's Food & Spirits on Saturday, March 22nd at 5pm. This is a great opportunity to meet Tim and get the inside scoop on your Nuggets!


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