Well then, these playoffs have been something to remember haven’t they? If you aren’t excited by the Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets series, then I’m afraid you have zero pulse. Three very close, exciting games. Two overtimes games. Last night Troy Daniels, a fresh faced NBA D-Leaguer, hit the game winning shot for the Rockets. This stuff is sometimes too good to be true.

Overall this have been the most satisfying NBA Playoffs I can remember since Michael Jordan’s glory days of the early to mid 90’s. Each series, even the Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats series has been compelling (in it’s own way). Today we have four games on the docket to watch. Exciting stuff.

Also, we have Clippers owner Donald Sterling proving, yet again, what a cowardly, vile racist he is. This has been going on far too long for the NBA to continue to let this stand. They coddled equally awful George Shinn, to the point where they moved his team rather than force him to sell. What chance is there that they will take forceful action against an owner with a 30 year history of vile, abject racism?

Not much. This is obscuring what is an amazing NBA Playoffs. It shouldn't be that way.

Enjoy the games!