2014 NBA playoffs first round. Five game sevens this weekend (Should have been six…thanks for nothing Damian Lillard)

Is this the best NBA playoffs ever? I think so. As least to start. It was pointed out to me yesterday that, for as great as this first round has been, it will be infinitely harder to get as many game seven’s in the second round. Teams have much more tape, adjustments are made easier, and the competition is higher (and in the East, it seems like there’s nothing to stop the Miami Heat … unless MAYBE the Indiana Pacers survive their game seven vs the Atlanta Hawks).

That being said, I have been enjoying these playoffs very much … and watching the teams playing gives me hope that the Nuggets will be just fine next season. There’s something to be said about incrementally improving like the Portland Trail Blazers (lucking out with a pick like Damian Lillard helped, but the Blazers already had LaMarcus Aldridge) and I think the Nuggets are more positive just by getting their players healthy.

Three game sevens today, starting with Hawks at Pacers. Lets do this.