It is FINALLY here. After waiting three nights and four days, we finally have liftoff in the 2014 NBA Finals. We get the rematch of the two best teams in the league … the San Antonio Spurs vs the Miami Heat. Winner take all … insert further cliche right here _____________

Who do ya got?

Personally I feel the Heat will take it in seven games. I always bet on the team that has LeBron James, and despite the “revenge factor” from last year’s game six, I feel that James and Wade will play well enough to pull through. Either way I expect this to be one whale of a series.

It's not "Built vs Bought". It's great team versus great team. Let's dispense with the hyperbole and boil it right down to what amounts to the best point. The Spurs and the Heat were the best teams, and now they meet in the Finals as it should be.

Can’t ask for more (other than the Nuggets finally making it)