With big men always being in-demand in the NBA and the Nuggets having the 11th pick – the thinking should be to take the best player available. Could that be the 6'11" and 280 pound center that has a 7'2" wingspan? A guy that averaged 10.8 points and 4.6 rebounds during his 2013-14 season (80% from the foul line, 61.6% on twos, and 33.3% on threes)? Well, that's who DraftExpress has Denver taking in their latest mock draft: Jusuf Nurkic.

Here’s a quick video on Nurkic, whom Jonathan Givoni of DraftExpress talked about a bit with Paul Flannery on his latest podcast. Givoni was asked if Nurkic was comparable to Jonas Valanciunas of the Toronto Raptors and Givoni said he has a lot more offense to his game, whereas Jonas is more of just an energy and defense guy.

It'd be an interesting selection with Nurkic, who is represented by Leon Rose (who is very familiar with getting players in Europe to the NBA), as the Nuggets have two true centers and countless power forwards on the roster (with another waiting to perhaps come over from Europe, as well). But if he's on the board and other options are not as intriguing, it could be a move the team could make. It's still pretty early to tell what the Nuggets may do and we have a long way until draft night.

Now, check out these NBA prospect videos on Zach LaVine, out of UCLA, and Aaron Gordon, out of Arizona. The videos are unique as they have the players themselves narrating their pre-draft workouts. Both guys could be on the Nuggets' radar with the 11th pick as NBADraft.net has the Nuggets taking LaVine in their latest mock. Here is the video on LaVine.

And here is the video on Gordon.