The Denver Nuggets have selected Jusuf Nurkic out of Bosnia with the 16th overall pick, via the Chicago Bulls.

With Timofey Mozgov and JaVale McGee on board, when will the Nuggets bring Nurkic over? Right away? The 6'11" and 280 pound center has a ton of potential as a two way player with high offensive upside.

On a conference call with Nurkic here in Denver, he said he wants to come to the NBA this season and he reiterated that when asked a second time on the call. We shall see if the Nuggets bring him over, but that seems to be his preference … very much like Evan Fournier came over right away for Denver too.

You may not know a lot about Nurkic, but the Nuggets do. He has a lot of upside and will be 20 years-old in August. Here is what Draft Express has to say about Nurkic:

Jusuf Nurkic is not as impressive here as he was in our study of basic statistics as his per-possession efficiency numbers are not on par with his per-minute productivity numbers at this stage in his career. Generally speaking, Nurkic's 10.8 possessions used per-game (in just 16 minutes) ranks just average, as does his .979 points per possessions overall, but he does excel in a few notable areas.
Unlike many of his counterparts in the college game, much of Nurkic's offensive usage come as the screen setter in the pick and roll. His 1.6 possessions per-game as the roll man are the 3rd most among players in this group, and his 55.7% shooting ranks above average. That might not seem overly impressive, but when we dig a little deeper, we find that Nurkic's numbers on the whole are suppressed by his limited jump shooting efficiency. Shooting 65% when he rolls to the rim, but only 29% when he pops to the perimeter, Nurkic made just 7 of the 36 jump shots he attempted last season, which hurts him in some areas here, although perimeter shots didn't account for a large proportion of his total attempts. The Bosnian center has nice mobility for a player his size, which helps him in the European game where the pick and roll is an even more prominent component of some teams' offenses than it is in the NBA.
From DraftExpress.com

Nurkic has an NBA ready body and we will find out what the Nuggets plan to do with their newest center. I like this pick for the Nuggets, he's a great project for this staff.