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Stein: Nuggets have emerged as "threat" for Mike Miller

It appears that the Denver Nuggets are interested in acquiring the services of a three point specialist.

Mike Miller
Mike Miller

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Nuggets have emerged as a potential landing spot for freshly amnestied former Miami Heat wing player Mike Miller.

This would be an interesting move. The Nuggets have been banking on young players filling the gap at small forward until Danilo Gallinari gets back from his knee injury. This may be an expression of interest for depth purposes or as a stop gap until Gallo gets back. Either way, it would be an interesting "win now" kind of move considering Miller's injury history.

What does this say about the Nuggets' confidence in their current wing player crop? Or is this simply just a move to shore up bench depth? I'd say it's the latter, but we will wait and see. The key to Stein's tweet is the words "playing time" obviously this would project serious interest on the Nuggets part.