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Getting to know Nuggets summer league player: Travis Releford out of Kansas

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When Travis Releford was in town to workout for the Nuggets, I caught up with him for a series of non-hoops related questions. He will play for the Nuggets Summer League team in Las Vegas starting July 13th.

Travis Releford after his predraft workout with the Nuggets.
Travis Releford after his predraft workout with the Nuggets.
Nate Timmons

Denver Nuggets summer league player Travis Releford averaged 11.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2.6 assists during his senior year at the University of Kansas. The 23 year-old Releford goes 6'6" and 205 pounds. He'll be looking to impress an NBA squad after going undrafted, but if he doesn't catch on with a team he has a one-year deal with Okapi Aalstar of the Belgian-Ethias league's first division, according to The Topeka Capital Journal.

Let's find out a little bit more about Releford. I caught up with him before the NBA draft on June 27th when he was in Denver working out for the Nuggets.

Nate Timmons: You studied African and African American studies at Kansas, what could you do with that if you were not playing basketball?

Travis Releford: I could teach it or be a coach.

NT: I read that you wanted to be a college coach?

TR: Yes, I want to be a coach. I could either teach in high school or be a college coach. Be a college coach for sure, but I want to stick with basketball as long as I can.

NT: Who is a player, not necessarily that you mirrored your game after, but someone you grew up watching?

TR: I would say Brandon Rush [Utah Jazz] because he's from the same city I'm from and I kind of try to make my game similar to his.

NT: If you were trapped on a desert island - would you rather be stuck with Shaquille O'Neal or Charles Barkley? And why?

TR: I would say Shaquille because he'd have me laughing and somehow make the most of it.

NT: You're on the brink of being in the NBA, once you're established what would you rather have? A shoe deal, your own videogame, or your own restaurant?

TR: Shoe deal. I think that's every kid's dream, if they make it they want a shoe deal or a shoe named after them.

NT: If you had to guess how many pairs of shoes do you own?

TR: Uh ... I can't even ... I lost count - it's that many.

NT: Let's say we're on MTV Cribs and we open up your refrigerator - what would we find in there?

TR: Juice, a lot of juice and water and that's about it.

NT: How about on a cheat day - what could we find you pigging out on?

TR: I like to eat pizza pockets or pizza rolls - something easy I can throw in the microwave. I don't do too much cooking.

NT: What could we find you doing on an off night or off day?

TR: Hanging out with my son.

NT: What's your son's name? Is he getting involved in basketball?

TR: Travis Jr., he's named after me. He's involved in every sport: soccer, basketball, baseball, every sport.

NT: What's your favorite non-basketball exercise?

TR: Pilates. I just started, I've only done it once so far, so I'm going to go with that.

NT: Let's say Hollywood comes calling at some point during your career. Would you rather be in a comedy, action, Sci-Fi, or horror movie?

TR: I'd say comedy.

NT: What would the plot be to this movie?

TR: I don't know, something with Will Ferrell. That's all I'd need is him.

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