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Saturday Open Thread: Grantland loves it some Nuggets

In a series of tweets and articles, Bill Simmons' Grantland website (presented by ESPN) is ahead of the national curve in giving the Denver Nuggets some love.


Nice to see former Sports Illustrated writer Zach Lowe has ended up at Bill Simmons' Grantland. He has presented a balance and analysis that the website simply did not have before this season. Yesterday, Lowe wrote about how the Nuggets are becoming one of the best teams in basketball. Also, he broke down Wilson Chandlers affect on this Denver Nuggets team.

Read that article right here

Additionally we had Bill Simmons, who earlier this season was not so boldly stating that the Nuggets couldn't possibly do much in the playoffs due to their lack of superstar wrote this on twitter this morning


Nobody believes in Denver even after 14 in a row. Odds for a Heat-Nugs Finals r still 10-1. Crazy. They can absolutely beat OKC in a series.

Nice to see you come around Bill. In actuality, Grantland (along with Matt Moore's Hardwood Paroxysm ) has been well ahead of the national curve when it comes to these Nuggets. Maybe it's because of the element of analytics in the Nuggets coaching staff, or maybe it's because this team has been a pleasure to watch since January 1st.

14 in a row and counting. Tonight, the Sacramento Kings.


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