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Thunder vs. Nuggets: Russell Westbrook returns to Denver, Andre Iguodala, teammates on a roll

Please post all of your game comments here. Please be respectful of others and keep the GIFs and pictures to a minimum during the game.

Iguodala has been flying high as of late.
Iguodala has been flying high as of late.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets face off on an ESPN double-header tonight. The crowd tonight should be fired up for the following reasons:

1.) Russell Westbrook blocked not one, but two of Super Mascot Rocky's behind the back, halfcourt shots -- denying the good people of Colorado the chance to free chips and queso from Qdoba. Maybe Westbrook is a health freak and wants people to eat right?

2.) It's a late Friday night game -- folks will be off work and looking to relax. Expect plenty of fans to be in the building letting the beer flow like wine ... or the wine to flow like beer? The Tuaca Chill Zone will be a popular spot this evening.

3.) The Nuggets are 18-12 vs. current playoff teams and the Thunder are 16-11 on the road. Both teams have won three games in a row - something has to give tonight.

4.) A certain blogger is trying to make excuses for OKC before the game has even begun. Win or lose, I am here saying the Nuggets need this one and it's a big game. George Karl even called it a big game for his team and he wants to see his guys play with intensity.

5.) ESPN. Finally the Nuggets and their opponent come into a nationally televised game with rest. Both teams will be at full force - no excuses tonight.

Have fun tonight folks and Go Nuggets!

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