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CSG 96: Who says the Denver Nuggets can't win with fast-pace is NBA playoffs?

We're talking playoff basketball, a nickname quiz and more on this week's show.

Ross Martin @hirossco on Twitter

Jeff Morton joins us once again on this week's Colorado Sports Guys podcast. We get into talking about the Los Angeles Lakers, who the Nuggets just trounced in Denver, and if they can make the post-season. Even if the Lakers get into the playoffs, can they do any damage to the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Los Angeles Clippers?

It seems like every season we are talking about the Nuggets style in the playoffs. Did the Nuggets slow down against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers last season? Is the Western Conference a slow down conference anymore? Consider the top NBA teams and how many of them play a similar style to the Nuggets. It makes sense for George Karl to believe in his style because teams like the Heat have won titles with a quick pace.

Click here for the episode and find out who knows more about NBA nicknames.

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